Our Mission in Ethiopia

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Julie and Jeremy flew into Addis on Saturday morning!  They got here 45 minutes early! So we were JUST going into the airport when they were coming out! It was SOOOO exciting!! Julie yelled, "Mom! Dad!" She and I both cried!  We drove to Debre Zeyit and unpacked the things they brought us and then drove to Kuriftu for the lunch buffet. We took them to see our chapel and meet the missionaries then came home.  We visited until they finally crashed at 7:30 pm and went up to bed!

Today, they attended our Debre Zeyit Branch and Julie taught the Primary sign language to I WILL FOLLOW GOD'S PLAN FOR ME.  I tried to entertain Wongie (Wongelawit, 2) during Sharing Time and took a "selfie"....
Jamie tried to fit in Julie's suitcase when she went
over to help her pack.... : /

Taken by Jeremy at the airport after their LONG flight

SO happy we cried!!

Some goodies we can't get here!! 

Some of the things Julie and Jeremy brought to us

Wenisihat in Ethiopian traditional dress going into Church

A "selfie" of Wongelawit (2) during Primary
as I held her on my lap trying to keep her
entertained and happy Ü

Julie teaching sign language in Primary

Twins, Feraol and Naol (5) with Blake's picture and
a treat for his 5th birthday yesterday

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  1. Made me get teary just reading about your airport reunion....and what fun to have all those goodies you've been missing! Hope you're having a wonderful time together!!