Our Mission in Ethiopia

Sunday, July 13, 2014

We had a fun day yesterday.  Ruth and Yeabsra invited us a couple of weeks ago to their Parents' Day at their private school, True Way Parents' Academy.  It was yesterday morning and we took them to it.  Their father is working in Tigray and their mother could not get off work at her hair salon so we are SO glad we could go!  Ruth (12) was the announcer for the WHOLE program and looked SO pretty in her traditional dress.  It started an hour late and lasted another 2 hours.

Ruth (center) with two friends

Ruth on stage as announcer
She also did an Ethiopian dance with
a boy in her class. I got it on video.

Cute Yeabsra (8) with a friend whose
mother was sitting next to us

The DARLING baby right in front of me

Kindergarten Granduation

Ruth (left top and center) was #2 student in her school!

They brought out dabo (bread) and lit a candle
to celebrate.  They use dabo instead of birthday
cake on birthdays too. 

Yeabsra's photo (in white) in the school yearbook

Yeabstra (holding our flowers) and her friends after the program

The school where the program was held 
(Not the schoolwhere they attend school though.)

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  1. Such cute girls! How wonderful that you could be there to support them!