Our Mission in Ethiopia

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Yesterday was the 4th of July! We celebrated by having a little birthday party for Tariku, since he has no idea when his birthday is.  All the elders and Elder and Sister Moses dropped by the mission office to celebrate with us.  Last night we played games with Elder and Sister Moses and ate apple pie!

Tariku thinks he is 15 but no one knows for sure....

We found sparklers for his cake and for the 4th of July!

Opening a few gifts.... a soccer ball and some art supplies

(Our elders from Kenya and South Africa didn't understand what all the celebrating was about....)

Happy Tariku!

(Here are a few photos my brother Rick took when he met him as a
little guy found on the street and brought to live in Jason's group home.)

These are some more photos I took this week....

A typical rainy afternoon one day this week 
I took this from the doorway of our office, looking
towards the Church parking lot.  The storms can
be pretty big but the weather often clears up in 
just a short time.

We were turning left behind this black car when the white car
came toward us and swerved in between the black car and ours
without hardly slowing down!

Another crazy traffic shot showing cars going every which way...

Empty yellow oil containers are PRECIOUS here to carry water in.
This guy was just dragging these down the road.

We took these photos on the way to the office yesterday. 
This was across the street from a Church. 
Yesterday was some kind of a holy day for that  particular
Orthodox Church....

A very common scene on the road by our house....
The donkeys will come back REALLY loaded down!


  1. How fun to have a party for Tariku! It looks like it was a special day for him. Both of you are doing such great things over there! You definitely are a blessing for all the people there! We sure love you!

  2. Hi Sister Wold,
    This is Jon Fuller, Elder Fuller is my son. thank you for giving Tariku a great day. He is an awesome kid and Elder Fuller called him his little brother when he lived with him before his mission. I have a project that I need your help with if you get this message before next P-day. It could be kind of exciting. send me an Email if you can to Fullerjt@ldschurch.org.