Our Mission in Ethiopia

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Today was a fun day at Church!  Bob taught Gospel Doctrine, I played for Sacrament Meeting, Relief Society and the wonderful baptism of Yohannis Dilu.  I was asked, last minute. to teach all of the YW and the RS women (17 of them)!!  Thank goodness, before we left this morning,  I was prompted to grab all my notes from General Conference last weekend, that I wrote as I have watched all the sessions  during the week.  I was able to share the words of the Lord, through our prophet and apostles!

 It is our granddaughter, Katie's birthday this week, so I took her birthday treat to Nabyat and gave it to her after Church.  She is such a cutie and so is Jon's and Emily's Katie!!  Here are a few photos.

Nabyat is Ashebir's and Hiwot's youngest.
 She LOVED getting cookies today for our Katie's 6th birthday!

Here is our Relief Society and Young Women in the Debre Zeyit
Branch after my lesson today .... A BEAUTIFUL sight! 
(Had to take TWO pictures to fit all 17 of them in!

Sister Moses is on the left.... She and Elder Moses came and stayed
with us Wed. night on their way to Awassa and again last night on
their way home to Addis.  They attended our branch with us this morning.

I just HAD to post this cute picture of Efrem's 
and Yetim's girls in their school uniforms ready 
for the first day of school!!

It was a treat to get this photo from our Jon last Saturday!  He and our 
grandson, Nathan got to meet our Ethiopian District President Esubalew
Alemayehu Biru (Habtu) at the Conference Center! Habtu is visiting the U.S. this
month for his very FIRST time!  I realized they were both at the Conference Center
after the Saturday morning session of conference, so I emailed Jon and sent 
Habtu a facebook message and within minutes he called Jon and they met!! 

The view from our office upstairs in the chapel.
We had to move downstairs this week, since the 
mission presidency decided they did not want the
elders having a "missionary room" at the church
anymore.... We moved to their old room downstairs
to be close to the front door and see who is coming
and going in and out of the church during the week. 

Gideon Getachew (an RM) with his cute baby, Japheth.  Gideon's three 
younger brothers have also joined the Church ~ one while we have 
been here.  (He's wearing his brother's conference t-shirt since he is not a
single adult and didn't get to go to the conference…)

Elder Payne and Elder Agesa joined us in Debre 
Zeyit so we had them all over to breakfast. 

                                   My neighbor, growing up, Diane Howell Adams posted this 
                                   on Facebook.  Her house was here facing 800 North in Provo
                                   and the lot behind it was OUR HOME facing 380 West.... : /
                                   The Utah Valley Hospital (now Medical Center) has taken over
                                   our WHOLE neighborhood and half of our old ward!!


  1. Love the pictures! I showed my Sunday School class today (12-13 yr olds) and they loved the pictures! They thought it looked beautiful there and want to write letters to the youth. They loved seeing all the kids in the youth conference picture!

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