Our Mission in Ethiopia

Monday, October 27, 2014

Cute Meti with her COOL
braided hair after Seminary
        last Saturday

This tiny little guy came in under our balcony door
and crawled up our bedroom curtains!
This neighbor lady had her goats in front of our house one morning.
The babies were SO cute... but they walked away as I got 
my camera out.

Abraham planted tomatoes and zucchini behind the church in
the garden there and we have eaten SO many!  They LOVE 
my zucchini bread here.  They had never heard of it before!

There were over 20 dogs in a BIG pack in front of our car.
Just as I went to take this photo, half of them took off in 
another direction though...

Here are a few photos taken while driving to Addis through Kaliti…. 
Check out the guy on TOP of the truck and….

how CLOSE the trucks are to us on BOTH sides!
It is CRAZY driving through there….!!  : O

We have passed this cool building MANY times in Addis and
I finally took a picture of it!

The Elily Hotel in Addis
where we go to get our hair cut
by Minte

Someone's house along the side of the road between DZ and Addis

The Elders and a few RMs watching General Conference on
DVD in English upstairs, while all the rest of our branch 
watched it in Amharic down in the chapel on Sunday.

Chefs Dawit (with the chef hat on) and his friend,
Neby fixed lunch for the whole branch on
Saturday and served it Sunday between sessions.
It was yummy!
Dawit is in our Mission Preparation class.

Cute Netsanet is back home in Debre Zeyit,
after graduating in Accounting and Finance
from the University of Gondar.

Sammy in front and Abenezer on the left are
also both in our Mission Prep class.  Antenna
is an RM and YM Pres. in our branch.
We love all of our awesome young single adults!

Our crazy elders were told they could no longer
have a "missionary room" at the church so they
spoke for this closet….

Elder Wold is always saying, "Back away from the desk, (or
the phone) or the cookies"  so they are doing the up against the
wall search position….

We were sad to see Elder Agesa go….

Elder Bingham and Elder Workman with their breakfast
on the go of Endomie raw noodles and a coke. : /

Elder Payne's new companion, Elder Burdick
from Gunlock in southern Utah

Breakfast to welcome Elder Burdick to DZ

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