Our Mission in Ethiopia

Monday, November 3, 2014

                          Just a few photos from this week….

Our Seminary kids came on time EVERYDAY
for a week (actually EARLY) so we took them
to Farmi for burgers and fries on Friday.

Everyone ordered a "special burger" so I did
too…. I didn't know that meant a fried egg on
top…. : /

Here are my apple cinnamon dutch babies I fixed
this morning when our elders came to breakfast.
We also had LOTS of french toast and ham too.
(Which we never see here and it is VERYexpensive! 
Our Maple syrup here is $6 / bottle! )

They have YUMMY ice cream at our NEW Hotel Babogaya 
on the main drive 
It's in their Kaldi's Coffee downstairs.

One of TWO very nice new hotels in Debre Zeyit.
Kaldi's Coffee shop is the FIRST "chain" store we have
seen in Debre Zeyit!  They are in Addis and one in Kaliti too!

Wongelawit (3) sat on my lap at the keyboard during
most of  Sunday's Sacrament Meeting.  She took this picture
after getting my camera out of my purse! Oops!

I finally got a picture of one of the COLORFUL little birds
that fly around our front yard!

We have gotten no water from the city again now for 6 days
and the church has had no water for 3 days so Abraham took
us here by Genesis Farms to fill our jerry cans. We were the 
second ones in line….

…but within 5 minutes there were four more garis waiting in 
line!  We got there JUST in time!

Piles of goat heads for sale on the side of the road in Debre Zeyit.
They say they make GREAT soup!?

The same hills and fields that were GREEN the first time we
drove on the expressway (Sept. 15th) are now turning brown 
and the green fields are now "white already to harvest"! 

They call the little turn-outs in the road on the expressway
"LAY-BYs".  There were lots of broken down trucks and
busses on the road today on our way to Addis…

An Ethiopian doll in a gift shot we saw
in Addis tonight.

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