Our Mission in Ethiopia

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Here are a few photos taken on Jon and Emily's last two days in Ethiopia….

We went to lunch at the Belvedere Italian Restaurant on the hill
overlooking Addis after we flew in on Friday from Gondar.  
Jon and Emily ordered yummy homemade ravioli  (below) and we got 
some good photos of Addis from the restaurant.

A shop on the way down the hill from the restaurant

The leaves wrapped up on the right are chat.  It's hallucinogenic
and legal to buy here in Ethiopia.  People chew it to get high. : /

Emily in front of one of our favorite markets called ALL MART

Jon is trying out one of the tiny shopping carts
in the store as we shopped for treats to take home
to their kids.  Haha!

Saturday, November 15th….

This was taken while we were leaving our house in Debre Zeyit 
to go to Addis Ababa on Saturday. (We borrowed the Zls hardbody 
truck for the week, trading it for our Lifan.)

Our home in Debre Zeyit

We stopped at the top of the road to our cute friends, Ruth and Yeabsra's
home and they ran up to see us, so they could meet Jon and Emily.  

At the airport on Saturday night….
It was hard to say "good-bye"!


  1. Joyce, I am so glad you got to have your children visit you. It looks like you had a great time with them. When you do return home?

  2. Our 18 month mark is February 5th so sometime around there…. We don't have our official date yet or flight plans. We should know in the next couple of weeks! Ü It won't be long!! Hard to believe…. It will be SO hard to say "good-bye". : /