Our Mission in Ethiopia

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Wednesday, we flew to Lalibela.  Here are some of the photos we took there.

Lalibela homes on the drive from the airport into town

At the rock-hewn churches with our guide, Belay

A deacon, ready to prepare holy communion in the "Bethlehem"
part of one of the churches

More kids….

This little girl was walking home from school 
near the churches in her uniform.

One of the 6 churches hewn from rock

The Church of St. George

Cool tunnels and passageways….

These last seven photos were taken in Lalibela before
we flew back to Gondar on Thursday morning.

We saw SO many CUTE kids in Lalibela. This
tiny girl came to her door and said "Hello! Hello!"

I am always amazed at the loads the women carry.

A sign said this was a "traditional reception hall"…

These boys followed us all around Thursday morning,
practicing their English, as we looked at souvenir shops.

The ceiling of our Top 12 Hotel dining room

The front doors of the Top 12

Our driver, Destaw, in Lalibela

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