Our Mission in Ethiopia

Sunday, November 9, 2014

I just noticed that somehow the blog of Jon and Emily's arrival is not on here….??  So I am adding
photos from the day they arrived!!

They're here!!  They made it!! Hooray!!


All the goodies they brought us!!

Bob modeling his apron we found in Addis, made
from the plastic milk bags our milk comes in!

We took them to see our chapel and were greeted
by our silly elders….

Our Seminary girls came to meet them even though we didn't
have class that morning. 

Our elders were SO excited to meet Jon and Emily!

Abraham and Besufikad

The elders doing the "Ministry of Silly Walks"

Members who came to meet them that morning ~ Dawit, Abraham, Ashebir, 
Besufikad, Abere and Sammy

Lunch at the Pyramid Hotel on pretty Lake Bishoftu

The 63 skirts that their Allison collected for a YW project!
She also got 37 white shirts and some ties too!  With Pres.
Kiros' help, they were distributed to people in our branch
who needed them. 

With two of our guards at the Church compound

Some photos Jon and Emily took as we drove around
Debre Zeyit….

We stopped at 20:20 International, the business that Ashibir,
Dawit, Abere and Fekadu are trying to get going with the
help of an RM from Utah who served in Ethiopia.  They LOVED
meeting Jon, an optometrist!

The next day we took them to Lake Hora...

then to Kuriftu Resort on Lake Kuriftu for their Saturday 
lunch buffet and to kayak since it comes with the meal!

The seats were just a little WET….

We also went to the Liesak Resort on Lake Babagoya….

More common sights around Debre Zeyit and Kuriftu...

Hey!  It's Elder Burdick and Elder Payne!

We gave out lollipops to some kids and another dozen kids
came running from every direction to get candy too!

An Orthodox Church in DZ

Today was a WONDERFUL Sunday!  We had a surprise visit from Elder Stanley G. Ellis and his wife, Pres. Chatfield and his wife (mission president), Pres. Johnson and his wife (1st counselor) and Elder and Sister Moses (humanitarian missionaries in Addis).  They came to our branch for church.
Here is a photo taken after Sacrament Meeting.  (We were missing quite a few in our branch today….)

Our Debre Zeyit Branch today after Sacrament Meeting 
(The three boys by Kaleab in his white suit are street kids who drop in once in awhile for Primary
and just happened to be there THAT day to get in the branch picture! )

Emily brought YW flowers in the value colors for our YW Room.
I had asked her to find some for me and they were perfect!

Jon came in and took a picture as we were singing with the Primary

Jon entertained Tenkir's 2 yr. old Lewi as we sang

Genet, an investigator with a baptism date this month, with
her four cute daughters ~ Meskerem, Kalkidan, Mekdes
and Edelawit

Here are Abenezer, Abere, Dawit, Tesfaye and Sammy
and Henock (below right) in white shirts from Allison

Emily and Jon with wonderful Pres. Kiros, our branch president

Fun at dinner at Ashebir's with Nebyat and Grant (playing
with Photo Booth on my iPad)

 Light teff (with a few grains of the dark teff)
that is used to make injera
                                                                                                       Flour made from teff

 Oven for making bread ~ another one is used only for injera

             Sour dough starter that Hiwot has used to make injera
 for 11 years since they got married!

Chickpeas ~ another common staple in Ethiopia
Ashebir and Elder Wold

Emily and Jon with Ashebir's family in front of their home

Neighbors and animals passing by as we were leaving...

A yummy loaf of dabo that Yetim and Marta, my visiting
teachers brought to me today 

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