Our Mission in Ethiopia

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

                                        More fun with Jon and Emily Monday and Tuesday!

Jon and Emily at the mission office in the church 
compound in Meganagna before the zone conference began

Our elders in Ethiopia, Elder Ellis of the Seventy and his wife,
Pres. and Sis. Chatfield, Pres. and Sis. Johnson, Us, and Elder 
and Sister Moses after the conference

A typical intersection in Addis...

A woman washing clothes with her little girl by
the side of the road downtown

A woman carrying a bundle of sticks down Entoto Mountain

Addis Ababa from Entoto Mountain

Views from the plane as we left Addis….

Our plane from Addis to Gondar

The airport in Gondar with castle-like
architecture since there are many castles there

Some scenes on the way from the airport to our hotel….

The University of Gondar 

Being an optometrist, Jon HAD to have a picture
by the Retina Cafe!

Downtown Gondar, Ethiopia

A very common sight...

Pretty hillsides around Gondar

The castle wall

An Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Gondar

This lady is blind and her tiny boy was
taking care of her.

Lots of VERY OLD stone arches are around the castle compound

I bought a package of tissues from this cute
boy with a great smile, whose arms and hands
were very deformed.  What a happy guy though! 

The castle compound was closed so we just
walked around the outside wall and will go 
inside later…

Boys playing basketball
This is the first time we have seen basketball here!

Jon and Em with our hotel, the Taye Belay behind them up on the hill

Good Night Gondar

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