Our Mission in Ethiopia

Thursday, December 26, 2013

This is a VERY random photo but the SIZE
of this can of hairspray I bought in Kampala,
Uganda cracked me up!?! I put it by the syrup
bottle to show how TALL it is! It's the ONLY
one I could find! : /

This is out of order too, but Sis. Preator said
"One of your packages is leaking M&Ms."
It turned out to be Red Hots that fell out
of the box when it got smashed.... But
they were still GOOD!! (Jamie sent them
to decorate my holly sugar cookies.)
As I was adding these photos, Rufus the Rooster
from next door came to say "hi" to Bob and I
had to snap this photo.  He LOVES it when Bob
talks to him through the window everyday.

We had a REALLY NICE Christmas Day with
our three Elders in Debre Zeyit! (The 4th is in 
Uganda waiting for a visa.)  They came for
dinner at noon and stayed until about 5:00 pm
playing games. 
(We are told not to post photos of them on blogs or Facebook.... 
so here is Elder Wold before we sat down to eat!! 
No turkeys or hams so we had roast beef, potatoes 
and gravy, rolls, fruit salad, corn and green beans and 
then apple and cherry cobbler for dessert!)
No power ALL day until 4 pm so I cooked the roast on
TOP of the stove on a gas burner and then baked
the cobbler JUST in time when the power came on!

Elders Self, Makuku and Ferrara

Santa and Mrs. Claus (the Preators) came from Addis
today and brought us THREE packages and 2 cards!!
Yahoo!!  (Our FIRST mail in Ethiopia!)  "It's
just like Christmas!!" Oh wait ~ it IS Christmas!

My sweet sister-in-law Kathy, serving a mission at
the Washington D.C. Temple sent me a birthday
card and a Christmas card too!

THANKS to ALL of you who sent online Christmas
greetings like we did this year!! We are thinking of
ALL of you this Christmas season.... 

Our "loot" from Jamie ~ some of the things are things
we didn't have room or weight enough to bring!
Her YW made 72 "Testimony Gloves" for ALL the
Primary kids in Ethiopia!

Julie's family did Christmas for a young man we
know who doesn't have much and a few surprises
for our YW.  SO sweet! This is ALL the stuff together
from both boxes!

Our 3rd package was from Chris and
Kristin Brewer Pelczynski ! Hey!
We DO have a tree that "lights up" now!
And I can bake Christmas cupcakes for
our Branch Christmas Party Jan. 4th!
(Christmas is Jan. 11th in Ethiopia.)


  1. So glad the packages came! So fun! I love that you are there for those Elders! They are lucky to have you guys! Your meal looks amazing! I am not surprised that you are able to whip up a masterpiece with little resources! The picture with the rooster is classic! I can "HEAR" dad talking to it! "How you doing? Yo, yo!"

  2. We are SO sad to say that it looks like our friend, Rufus the Rooster from next door became the neighbors' Christmas dinner today!! : ( We have not heard a cock-a-doodle-doo since yesterday and he is nowhere to be found.... : /