Our Mission in Ethiopia

Thursday, December 12, 2013

We have had a chance to visit a few YUMMY places in the past few days.... Today, here in Debre Zeyit we had a "Special" at Mercy Juice for our first time. Mmmm!!! Different juices all blended together (strawberry, banana, mango, pineapple....)  In Addis, when we went on Tuesday to get our work permits and residency paperwork done, we visited a NEW place called Allebany near the Meganagna Chapel that has a bakery (with "REAL" cakes and cookies) and "REAL" ice cream!! It was SOOOO good! Ü  The Elders we were taking to Kaliti talked us into stopping at Burger Shack in Beklobet and we had the BEST hamburger and chips (fries)  in Ethiopia. (Sorry, no picture...)

At Mercy Juice in Debre Zeyit
We sat on little LOW couches to drink our drinks.

Delicious juice!

We were headed to lunch so just got ice cream here and I didn't get a
picture.... but here are the cakes!  Check out the "frosting" on
 the cakes on the bottom.  Ü

A wedding cake in the window!?

I was sitting up in our office at the Debre Zeyit
Chapel while Bob was in a Priesthood Mtg.
downstairs in the chapel last night....

There was an AMAZING sunset right out our window!
This is with my phone.... the colors were unbelievable but
this doesn't do it justice at all....  Wow!

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