Our Mission in Ethiopia

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Yesterday, our granddaughter, Brooke (Jeff's and Karen's only GIRL) was baptized.  Here is a picture of her with her family, alone and also a picture of the cake Jamie made for her.

Brooke's cake for her baptism day

Brooke with her parents, Jeff and Karen and her
five brothers, Tanner, Hunter, Carson, Jaxon
and Cooper on her baptism day!

Today has been a great Sunday.  Bob and I both spoke in Sacrament Meeting and I played the keyboard.  Then I helped in Primary with Singing Time and teaching the 3,4, and 6 year olds.  Bob taught the Youth Sunday School class and then the Elders' Quorum lesson.  Below are pictures of the families of eight of our 16 Primary kids.  The theme for Primary for 2014 is:  Families Are Forever.  So I put a picture of the temple in Ghana, Africa which is the one families in Ethiopia go to to be sealed together.  I put "Families Are Forever" under the picture and will have pictures of all the Primary kids' families around it.  Ü

Here are the four cute kids I taught in Primary today,
coloring after the lesson, "I Am a Child of God".

This is Abraham, an RM in our branch.  I teach him 
keyboard lesson and he translates for us and for the 
elders.  He translated for us when we gave our 
talks today.

Bob came and took a picture of me teaching Primary another week too.


  1. What a great team. Aren't there any teachers, or leadership there?

  2. There was only a Primary President but I visited with her and with her husband (our branch president) and they have a Music Leader / Teacher now so one does the older and one the younger kids. I did music and taught the 2-7 yr. olds for several weeks until she was called. I still go in and help the 1st hour and last week NO ONE showed up and I did BOTH hours of Primary BY MYSELF until Sister Preator (visiting from Addis) came and taught the 10-11 yr olds!! : O It is DIFFERENT here!! Bob and I OFTEN fill in....