Our Mission in Ethiopia

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Today is Christmas Day in Ethiopia!  Ayele and Belaynesh in our branch, Meheret and Tigist's parents  invited us to their home to celebrate Christmas with them.  We had dinner and played games. It was really nice.  Here are some photos we took with my phone.

Before we left, Bob took a picture of me in my
flashing lights Christmas necklace that Julie sent me.

Darling Tigist and Meheret in their fancy
holiday dresses

Ethiopian Christmas tree

Our Elders

Melkam Gena from Elder and Sister Wold!
(I'm wearing the Ethiopian bracelet Meheret gave
me for my birthday and Christmas.) 

Christmas dinner!
(Injera, dabo, doro wat, and other wats and tibs)

Meheret and her mom

Euale age 6
Ayele and his family
Meheret ("Tutu"), his wife, Belaynesh, Tigist and Euale
They also have two older sons and a married daughter.
We visited sweet Yeshi and her daughters in their home the
day after Christmas with the elders.  She insisted we eat!
(See our doro wat, dabo and injera below.)

The traditional coffee ceremony is a BIG part of
the Ethiopian culture, but since none of us drink coffee,
they served a special hot barley drink and also hot milk
to go with the Texas Sheet Cake I brought to Ayele's.


  1. Why do they have Christmas January 7th?

  2. They follow the Julian Calendar not the Gregorian (like we do). They have 12 months of 30 days and the 13th month has 5 days except for leap year.... Their time is also different. The day starts at 6:00 (12:00) and noon is 6:00!!) Church at 9:00 is actually at 3:00! : O It is confusing to say the least!

  3. January 7th on our calendar is actually December 29th for them on their calendar!

  4. These pictures of Ayele's family warms our hearts. We spent a lot of time with them but especially Ayele. He was our guide & guardian on several trips out in the country and always on government business. We would never have survived without him. Belaynesh is a wonderful cook & looks so beautiful in these pictures. The girls are so grown up & beautiful. We spent 2 Christmas' with them & some New Years celebrations too. What a wonderful family. We miss seeing Dowit in the pictures & wonder where he is. We love this family & look forward to being with them again someday. Dave & Linda Adams