Our Mission in Ethiopia

Friday, January 31, 2014

We have a NEW Pyramid Hotel just off the main street in Debre Zeyit!  It has only been open for 2 months.   We were waiting to meet someone at the Church at 3:00 pm so we decided to go check it out and have lunch there today! It was SO yummy and it is right on a lake! Here are a few photos of the lake from our table on the patio!

The view from our table
The surrounding hills are beautiful and green during
the rainy season (when we moved here) but everything
is much browner since it is the dry season now.

Another view of the lake from where we sat


We have the best gardeners at our Church property! 
We see them everyday and have gotten to be good friends.
Here is Zinesh watering her pretty white roses and also
Tesfaye with his wife Marta and cute baby boy, Amen! 


Our power goes off nearly EVERY night, so
we are always prepared with lots of candles!
We OFTEN eat dinner and play games by candlelight!
(Don't you love our tuna can candle holders!?)
Last night this candle had the LONGEST flame
we have EVER seen!! It was seriously longer
than my finger!! (I tried to get  
a picture but you can't 
really tell here...)


  1. I love that the little guy's name is Amen! And I love seeing your pictures and hearing about your wonderful mission! =)

  2. Thanks Linda! It has been QUITE an adventure! Ü We LOVE the people we have met here. It is a fascinating country!!