Our Mission in Ethiopia

Friday, May 16, 2014

The day before we moved to Addis, Sat. May 10th, we had the FIRST General Women's Meeting Broadcast in Ethiopia in Amharic at our Debre Zeyit Branch!!  Eight Young Women and seven Relief Society sisters met to watch the broadcast and the Relief Society served lunch afterwards. (We have only two Primary girls over 8. They are sisters and one passed away a few weeks ago.) : /    Here is a photo of the group. That was the first meeting of its kind for our branch sisters!

That afternoon, Bob took me to lunch at Babagaya Resort on Lake Babagaya and we took our four Elders too for a "Good-bye" lunch.  It was fun!

We moved 1/2 of our things to Addis on Wed. 7th and drove up after Church on Sunday with the rest of our clothes and food.  We visited with the Preators, then bid them good-bye as they headed home to Wyoming.  It was Mother's Day.  I was sick and had to say good-bye to our branch friends and then to our mission friends.... A very hard day!! We bore our testimonies in Sacrament Meeting, I taught RS and did Primary music and we bought roses to give all the mothers even though they do not celebrate Mother's Day here.  We decided to do Adam's, Nathan's and Maybree's birthdays, since we are not sure where we'll be for Church at the end of the month and we know the Debre Zeyit youth best.

We spent four hours Sunday night, (until I started throwing up at midnight), getting moved into the Preator's house.  We're here!  We have been in the office for five days and it's going well.

Our Debre Zeyit Relief Society and YW

We miss our CUTE young women and Yetim!  Yelamdar,  (right front), 
a recent convert has been bringing her sister, Elshadday (2nd row
left) and she is being taught by our missionaries!

Babagaya Resort

Lake Babagaya

We felt like we were in Hawaii with the banana
trees  and the plumeria!

Fasika, Primary Pres. doing Sharing Time on

Meti (new convert) with Maybree's 16th birthday treat.
Meti will also be turning 16 this year.

Eyob holding Nathan's 12th birthday treat.  He is
turning 12 and will become a deacon on May 25th!
Eyob is also 12.

This is Sammy, one of my keyboard students from the
high school, with Adam's birthday treat.  Adam
turns 15 this month!  Sammy asked me about the
pictures in the Primary room one day and I gave 
him a pamphlet about the Church. The next time
he came we talked for an hour and he was SO
excited to hear more.  He is reading the Book of
Mormon and attends Church every week!  The
missionaries are teaching him at Meti's house since
he is a neighbor of theirs. He is a GREAT young man!

Some of my CUTE Primary kids wanted a picture
with me after Church.  (Edelawit, in pink and white
took this of me with my camera ! Haha!)

A "selfie" with the Preators before they left
(I was SO sick.... : / )
One last photo in Ethiopia.....We will miss them!!

The board we did for the entryway of our mission office
(It fell down but I took a photo anyway....)


  1. More adventures! I hope that you are all better.

  2. Elder and Sister Wold,
    Again, my name is Lisa Lee. We live in Spokane WA. We adopted 2 boys from Ethiopia 2 years ago. I have an Ethiopian friend in Addis right now that we just gave a Book of Mormon to in Amharic. I would love to talk to you and find out what the situation is with missionaries and proselyting . I have several people in Addis I would like to hear from the missionaries. My contact info is mommylee14@gmail.com or 509-489-9740 or on facebook I am Lisa Lee. I would love to hear from you.

  3. Lisa,
    I just sent you an email... I have tried to find you on Facebook. There are LOTS of LIsa Lees and I didn't see one from Spokane..!?!? I need all the info you can give me about your friends here in Addis ~ full names, what part of Addis they live in, phone numbers, etc... for the Elders to find them. Ü