Our Mission in Ethiopia

Monday, May 5, 2014

After watching General Conference on DVD and having a great lunch of injera and shiro wat with tibs at the church, we were invited to Amen's 1st birthday celebration at Tesfaye's and Marta's.  Our grandson, Cooper, turns 2 on May 28th, but since we are moving to Addis this week, for 3 months, to take over in the mission office for the Preators, who go home this Sunday, we decided to make and take cookies for a birthday treat for Cooper's and Amen's birthdays.  Next Sunday is our last Sunday in Debre Zeyit.  We will REALLY miss our friends and branch here!!! : /  We will be visiting a different branch each Sunday to keep in touch with the missionaries and branch presidents, so we will be back a few times to visit! Here are a few photos from Amen's party...

Amen, in his traditional Ethiopian clothes,
 with his dad, Tesfaye

Celebrating Amen's 1st birthday and our grandson
Cooper's 2nd birthday (in the photo) with Holiday Nugget cookies

Amen's birthday bread with a 1 candle in it
(They do bread instead of cake.  The water bottles are filled with a
 special holiday and birthday drink made from barley. 
We had orange Fanta instead.)

Our plate of birthday goodies
There was popcorn too but it got eaten first.

Elder Wold with Edalawit (3)
She LOVES to copy the faces he makes! 

We opened the gate to back out of our compound yesterday and 
this is what greeted us! We never know what we will see in our
neighborhood! The cow was looking in our gate but moved by 
the time I got my camera out! (Bob is wearing a new Ethiopian
tie with a pattern representing one of the tribes down south.)


  1. Elder and Sis Wold,
    My name is Lisa Lee and my daughter found your blog while doing a research paper on Ethiopia. 2 years ago we adopted 2 boys from Addis. They are the Oremi tribe. I have soooooo many questions for you regarding the church's presence there. We just received several Books of Mormon in Amharic and a friend from Ethiopia is traveling to Addis this weekend. He is taking some of my books to friends we have there. PLEASE email me if you can so I can get some contact information for my friends to find the church. We spent a total of 5 weeks with 2 visits to Addis and fell on love with the city and people. We have many ties there with the orphanages and our adoption agency. I would love to talk with you. We live in Spokane WA. One of our highlights was my husband giving his talk for Stake Conference from the rooftop of our quest house overlooking Addis. We even had our driver and now dear friend speak to the congregation. The wonders of technology!

  2. I love reading your blog and the wonderful pictures you have taken of your mission experiences! What a wonderful blessing you are to the people you serve and come in contact with. Thank you dear friends for your example of living and teaching the gospel wherever you are called. Happy Mother's Day Joyce! Sending my love, hugs and always prayers for you!