Our Mission in Ethiopia

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

We had a wonderful 2 1/2 days in Jinga, Uganda at our Seminaries & Institutes Conference!  We fly back to Addis tomorrow night and then will have more training with Pres. and Sister Preator, since we will be filling in for them in the Ethiopia Mission Office in Addis after they go home on May 11th.  We will need to move to Addis to be in the office M-F for 3 months, in charge of all finances, orders, etc. for the missionaries in Ethiopia, until a replacement couple arrives in August.  We'll move back to our home in Debre Zeyit at that time.

S&I Leaders in our area

L-R:  Freddie Babeeyo, Seminary & Institute Coordinator for Uganda, 
Tasara Makasi from Zimbabwe, S&I Area Director and now also
a new Area Seventy for the Africa Southeast Area, and Prince Omondi
from Kenya, S&I Faculty Supervisor for our area.

We LOVE how GREEN it is here in Uganda and also the red tile
roofs and red dirt.  It is SO colorful here! 

Field of sugar cane

We bought bananas from this lady and they were SO sweet
and delicious!!

It is GREEN, GREEN everywhere you look!!

This is a termite hill on the left.

The Nile River (White Nile)

Bridge over the Nile

We stayed at this resort on the Nile, near the source of the 
While Nile, in Lake Victoria.  It meets the Blue Nile from Ethiopia in 
Khartoum, Sudan to form the Nile River that flows throughout
Egypt to the Mediterranean Sea.  We saw the source of the Blue
Nile in Lake Tana in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia too!

A mosaic in the hotel showing the source of the Nile.

Where we stayed (on the right)

View from our room

The monkeys were SO much fun to watch!
(We also saw a BIG iguana-type reptile but he went into a
bush before I could get the camera out.)

This guy jumped right up on our table, put a roll
in his mouth, one more in each hand and jumped
down and ran out the doors of the restaurant.

Casing the place....

We LOVED watching this mother with her cute baby!

The Jinja Nile Resort

I LOVED this round window in front of the reception center.

This window represents the Ugandan flag

One of my brother Bob's missionaries, Ivan Wakabi, who lives
in Jinja, came with his wife and two boys to meet us.  They rode 
on a taxi, then a boda boda in the rain!  CUTE family!

Ivan with Evans (4) and his wife, Naluwugge holding Edison (1)

A few more shots of the Nile River from the Resort

Check out the crocodiles painted on the bottom of the pool!!

Two of the waitresses had fun braided hair.

This mosaic took up the whole wall of the restaurant!

At the source of the Nile River
(It starts at the right... and comes from Lake Victoria.  
When you look at a map of Africa, it is the largest lake.) 

The Nile River looking the opposite direction

Heading back to the hotel Monday night...

Pictures taken on Wednesday, driving from Jinja to Kampala...

We love how everything is made from red brick ~ much 
different than in Ethiopia.

These kids are getting water in their big plastic containers.

Here is one of MANY colorful houses we saw in the villages!

My favorite part of the drive ~ green forests on both sides
for many kilometers....

A very common sight here and in Ethiopia!

Susie, another of my brother, Bob's missionaries, who works in
the Uganda Kampala Mission office, came to see us when we
were with Rose at the S&I office in the Kololo Stake Center.

I'm wearing a necklace made of paper beads that Rose and her
daughter made and gave to me.

We met Sarah who also works at the mission office in Kampala.

Kampala, Uganda
Boda bodas were all over the place!! 
These guys above are waiting for passengers.

This tree at the airport in Kampala was FULL of cool bird nests 
and these pretty, BRIGHT yellow birds chirping SO loudly!


  1. Wow- all the vibrant colors are amazing! Beautiful!

  2. I love reading about your adventures and seeing all the amazing pictures. Happy Mother's Day, Joyce.