Our Mission in Ethiopia

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Well, last night was a FIRST!  We got on the elevator at the church with all our stuff, after our branch young single adults' Family Home Evening and the power went off!! We were stuck between floors for almost 30 minutes!!  : O  Thank goodness two of our elders had JUST left, knew we were coming down, saw the lights all go off and heard the alarm!  They came back into the church and told us they would get help!  They called Tesfaye, who is in charge of the building, and he came to the church to get us out!

While we were in there, we took some "selflies" and got our laptop out and played ABBA's "S.O.S" and Huey Lewis'  "Stuck With You" ("We've had our UPS and DOWNS")!  Haha!!  We had a few chocolate chip cookies left from FHE so had a little snack...

Oh no!! We're the ONLY ones here
and we are STUCK on the elevator!!

Here we are RELIEVED after hearing the elders' voices
telling us help was on the way!! 

Tenkir was the Amharic teacher in Debre Zeyit until
they discontinued the classes in Sept. 2014
Elder Christensen (left) and Elder Taylor (right) taught me
a LOT!  

I took this of Elder Salekielu and Elder Allen teaching,
 when we were in Meganagna one day.


  1. My one fear I have always had. Now I will never get on another elevator! :)) Glad you made it out. Maybe you should have shinnied up through the top door and climbed the hanging cable to get out. Like they do in the movies. No?

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  3. You guys are such troopers!! This is my worst nightmare :/ I follow your blog religiously and love all your pictures and posts. Though I am not much of a commenter, you are always in my prayers. Love to you both!

  4. So fun that you would look at the bright side of what could have been very scary! As always, love your humor and can almost hear you laughing...but glad you didn't have to stay in there too long!

  5. Haha! No, RoeAnn ~ no shimmying up the cable wires!! : O
    Marsha ~ thanks for your prayers! It's fun to know you are following our blog! I never know if anyone is even looking at what I post... Ü Love to you guys too!!
    Linda ~ Yes, we did a lot of laughing. I have NEVER taken a "selfie" photo in my life! Ha! We made the best of a CRAZY situation.... Ü

  6. I just had to laugh at this one you two! Always the adventure and always with humor! Glad you made it out safe. And I love your blog, but not much of a commenter as Marsha said too. haha When have you known me to not be a big commenter haha?

  7. Yikes! Loved the "ups and down" comment!