Our Mission in Ethiopia

Monday, April 21, 2014

Our girls had no school today because of Easter yesterday, so we had three more from different schools in our Seminary class today to study Moroni chapters 7 and 8 with us.  Tomorrow we will discuss chapter 10 and will finish our study of the Book of Mormon!!  We LOVE the Book of Mormon!  After class, we took the girls to lunch at Get House.  They are so much fun to be with!  Here are a few photos....

Our girls ~ (L-R) Meheret, Gebriela and Salem
joined by Tigist, Meti and Rediet (in back)

Burgers & fries, pizza, and rice with veggies

Tigist, Salem and Meti sharing a pizza

It was a gorgeous day!  I LOVE the view from 
the window upstairs looking out behind our chapel.

"Party 'til the cows come home?!"
This is what we saw when we turned the corner to our house
today! (That is our house in the distance.) 
Cows were grazing all along our road!  
We never know what we will see!?!

Our front yard 

Our little geranium plant we bought has gone crazy!

Our friend, Abraham, planted tomatoes behind 
our house and he made a sprinkler to water our
lawn!  He is very creative! 

The building next to our church is where people pay their utility
bill.  We OFTEN drive in and park and have 15-20 people just
staring at us over the wall... I finally decided  I needed a picture! 

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