Our Mission in Ethiopia

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Yahoo! We are in BEAUTIFUL Kampala, Uganda today! We just flew in for a Seminary & Institute Conference in Jinja tomorrow through Thursday.  It is SO pretty and GREEN here!  Here are a few photos taken from the car window as we drove an hour from the airport in Entebbe to Kampala.  We also stopped at the Kololo Stake Center and met Freddie Babeeyo's family.  Freddie picked us up from the airport and brought us to the Protea Hotel for the night.

These roses are at the Meganagna Chapel in Addis.
This was taken before we left for the airport.

Beautiful green Kampala!

Lake Victoria

We love the fruit stands with the fruit stacked up so creatively!

I LOVE the red dirt! (It reminds me of Bryce Canyon and
also Kauai, Hawaii....

A family riding on their boda boda
They are EVERYWHERE!! So are bicycles.

The very pretty red brick Kololo Stake Center in Kampala.

These little Primary girls greeted us at the Kololo Stake Center.

Freedie Babeeyo (hidden in the back) with his wife
Rose and five of his six children.  The two boys and the
oldest daughter are returned missionaries. (She is married with a little girl.)
 The two girls in pink and in blue are twins 18 years old and the one in
black is 15.  

We met Rose at the Church just as she was leaving.  She is
Freddie's Secretary in his Seminary & Institute Office at
the Stake Center and we email a lot with each other.

The beautiful Protea Hotel near the Stake Center where we are
staying tonight.

Bob with Freddie Babeeyo,  Seminary &
Institute Director for Uganda
He is awesome!

On our bed.... "EAT ME, DRINK ME, READ ME"
We had YUMMY chips, peanuts and the tiniest bananas
we have ever seen! 

The view from our balcony with the restaurant on the right.

We went for a walk to find an ATM to exchange
our money into Uganda shillings and saw these
interesting plants along the road...

The fountain next to the restaurant at the hotel.

One of the fun big, round, spotted birds that are popular here in Africa
They sell little pottery birds with dots on them in many of the shops
but this is the first time I have seen a REAL one!

Lemon Meringue Pie and REAL ice cream with toffee sauce!
YUMMY!!  (So were our tilapia and pork chops but we ate 
our dinner and forgot to take a picture....)

It's time for bed and we have a CHORUS of bull frogs outside
our window down by the fountain!!!  They are SOOOO loud!!
Will they continue ALL night long?!?!

Well, we slept through the frog chorus..... Here is our AMAZING
breakfast, with some interesting, different fruit including gooseberries.
We are REALLY being spoiled!!!  Bacon!!!


  1. Yesterday I met a man in the St. George Temple who had also had a bicycle accident with brain injury. He was so impressed when I told him about Bob and that he was on a mission to Ethiopia. Both of you continue to bless those around you or who hear of you!

  2. Beautiful green country, and you and Bob look so great! I like to comment, but sometimes it takes me three tries trying to "prove I'm not a robot"! So frustrating when you can't read the letters! I'll keep trying though. Love your blog! By the way, today on Facebook Rick had a video of the traffic in Meskel Square…..CRAZY!! How do you drive in the city?? Just amazing that there aren't accidents happening all the time without any traffic lights. And there were bikes and pedestrians in there too! Couldn't believe it! Be careful!! =)

  3. Thanks for your comments! Ü
    Linda ~ the driving here in Uganda is just as bad!! We had SO many close calls on the 2 hour drive to and from Jinja!!! They drive on the LEFT side too so that is CRAZY! There are boda bodas ALL over the place weaving in and out of traffic too!! Our driver was amazing and VERY skilled but scared us to death a few times!
    Bob is a very good driver but it still gives me a stomachache!! : O Especially at NIGHT!!!!!!

  4. The big spotted birds are called guinea fowl :-)