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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

There is a place near our Church called Get House where we have lunch once in awhile when we don't have time to go home.  Here is what we got today for the first time ~ veggie pizza and lasagna! We usually get a burger and fries, rice and veggies, salad or spring rolls. But we decided to try something different today.  They sell Paco Ice Cream too so I took a picture of Bob's regular ~ scoops of all 7 flavors for about $2. It's not like real ice cream from home but is the closest we can find here!  We took pictures of the six cooks in the tiny kitchen having their OWN lunch and also our two servers.  We love these cute, fun girls!

Our Veggie pizza had carrots, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage,
onions and peppers! It was pretty tasty! The sauce
in the little dish is hot pepper sauce. They have REALLY
spicy green peppers.

Here is the lasagna halfway through lunch.  There was also
a big spring roll that we had already eaten.  The yellow thing on 
the left was very different but kind of like a crepe! 

Bob's ice cream ~ vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, lemon,
orange, mango and pineapple (ananas).

The cute cooks at Get House 

Two waitresses at Get House

Happy Birthday yesterday to our grandson, Brandon
who turned 9!  Here is Grant in our branch,
who is also 9 with Brandon's birthday treat! 

Happy 35th Birthday TODAY, April 9th, 
to our daughter, Jamie!!

Spring is birthday time for our family!  Jeff's
Hunter turned 13 on Saturday, April 12th, so
here is Fita, a newly baptized member of our
branch, who is also 13, with Hunter's birthday
treat after Church on Sunday.

We have two MORE grandsons with birthdays
THIS week, so two more birthday treats will be
given out next Sunday (EASTER) after Church!

This little cutie was in Fuji Film when I was getting
prints made and I gave her a lollipop. We carry a bag
of them with us in the car. 

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