Our Mission in Ethiopia

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!! Ü
  Here are some photos I took today...  

These four cute kids were dressed in their traditional
holiday clothes in Primary today! The boys, Naol
and Feraol are twins and the girls, Edelawit and
Wongelawit are sisters a year apart. 

Gizework, in her traditional dress, was baptized
last Sunday and Bob confirmed her today.  She
is a chef in Addis.

Kaleab got our grandson, Ryan's birthday treat
today since the little boy I had thought of wasn't
at Church.  Ryan turned 10 on Thursday.

This is cute Kaleb with his brother,  Fikadu, who 
recently returned from his mission.

We were invited to Yeshi's home for lunch today
after Church with the elders and Abraham.  Gebriela
is pouring water from a pitcher for us to wash our hands.

Cute Yeshi spoke in Sacrament Meeting today and then fed us all!
She is a WONDERUL lady.  She kept filling our plates up the
whole time we were there!  Her husband died just 2 years ago.

This is the traditional Easter feast of injera, doro wat, cooked spinach,
potatoes, carrots and onions. The square thing on top is made from
a fake banana plant. I like the bread (dabo top right) so she gave us a 
HUGE piece to take home!

Bob's new Easter tie that we found in a little shop in Addis 
on Friday.  (My elbow is covering a little Ethiopian flag on it.)

This oven where Yeshi makes her injera is outside.

She showed me the BIG  baskets where she keeps the injera she makes.

Bob and Sister Meaza from Kenya clowning around
She was also at Yeshi's eating with us.

Euale Ayele got our grandson, Jaxon's birthday
treat today.  Jax turned 6 yesterday!

We were also invited to Efrem's and Yetimwork's
for dinner at 5:00 p.m..  I didn't take any pictures, but 
this one of their darling girls, holding the bag of
jelly beans we brought and wearing the bracelets our grand-
daughters, Amy, Ashlyn and Lauryn made for them.

Our fun elders are smashed into the backseat of our car!


  1. I noticed the few sprigs of grass on the floor at Efrem's home. that is also part of the Easter feast. Many homes they cover the floor with grass. Such fun to see of the dear people we knew too.

  2. That comment is from Linda Adams.
    Don't know where that Mom came from

  3. I love that you give grandkid birthday treats to cute kids you meet on your mission. Did you think that up yourself, or hear about it somewhere? And did you bring the goodies with you, with pictures of the grandkids? Great idea!