Our Mission in Ethiopia

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

We're enjoying Addis Ababa and working in the Mission Office.  We are attending a different branch every week while we are filling in here.  The first Sunday we were here we attended Meganagna Branch and got to meet Pres. Eyob and Mesi's new baby "Daisy".  She has the CUTEST curly hair!
They just got her passport to go be sealed as a family in the Accra Ghana Temple in June!

                                  These next two photos are from the Beklobet Branch last Sunday...

I played the keyboard in Primary and taught the kids the song
THE FAMILY IS OF GOD.  They gathered around
the keyboard and really sang from their hearts!

Ines Bujingo, Primary President with the four
Primary kids who were there on Sunday

Yvette and Ines in Beklobet Branch

Ruth and Yeabsra stopped by our house to see us and invite us
to their school exposition.  They are darling sisters who
used to live in the neighborhood and loved visiting the Preators.

These are two things we don't see in the U.S.... a guy carrying 
his suitcase on his head and three teenage boys holding hands, all
walking down the road in front of our house the other morning.

These are our neighborhood rooster and chickens.  
They wander all over...

We have been driving down this road on the way to the office
watching them lay the cobblestone and today they were filling
in the sand between the stones that were placed the past couple
of days.... It's so interesting the way they pile it up and then sweep
it with push brooms into all the cracks around the stones.

Women were filling bags with the black sand from a huge pile
at one end and carrying it down the road to dump it at the other end.

This is blurry but a common scene I have wanted
to get a picture of.... a guy "dancing" his sheep down
the road! 

Our Meganagna elders: (L-R) Elder States,
Elder Fuller, Elder Calhoun and Elder Melton
and Elder Christensen (below right)

Just had to show what we found today at FANTU market!!
Woo hoo!! Things we don't usually see in Ethiopia!

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