Our Mission in Ethiopia

Sunday, June 8, 2014

More photos at the Haile Resort and on the drive home.....

This was written with some kind of black seeds
on top of a white tablecloth in the restaurant. 

Another view from the reception area….

We took the Awassa elders out to dinner at the Haile Resort
They are (L-R):  Elder Payne, Elder Self, Elder Clement
and Elder Keith (from Queen Creek).

Awassa is FULL of bajas.  They are EVERYWHERE!

Little shops along the road on the drive home

Some homes in villages along the way...

Handmade stools for sale on the roadside

As we drove through Debre Zeyit, this little guy was having a
ball running down the street with a plastic bag hanging from a

Almost home.... sunbeams were shining down
 on Addis through the clouds.  So pretty!


  1. Dear Elder and Sister Wold; Thanks so much for blogging! Our grandson is Elder Workman who is serving there with you in Debrezeit. It's wonderful to see the photos you share and we appreciate your work! Sending love and prayers,
    Bob and Marilee

  2. What a fun opportunity to work in the office and be in contact with so many of the missionaries! You're the perfect couple for it!

  3. Thanks Linda! We are really enjoying it! Bob and Marilee ~ we are from Mesa, AZ and our son in Gilbert recently met Elder Workman's dad! We LOVE Elder Workman! We were advised for security reasons that we can't post photos of the elders.... : ( He knows our son-in-law who was in his Stake YM Presidency before he came to Ethiopia! Small world! Glad you enjoyed our photos!!