Our Mission in Ethiopia

Monday, June 23, 2014

We have had a fun June so far.  We are enjoying our seminary/institute class each Saturday in Meganagna.  We went to dinner at the new Alebnanny Restaurant (Lebanese) for Father's Day the Saturday before.  Then Elder and Sister Moses invited us over for dinner and games on Sunday to celebrate.  We skyped with Jeff's, Julie's and Jamie's families the next morning, which was Sunday night in Mesa.  Jon's family was in California and sent us these photos.

Last week we had the Hansens here from Uganda (Public Affairs couple) for a couple of days and then the Caspersons (1st counselor to Pres. Chatfield) also from Uganda.  He came to do temple recommend interviews  for the 10 members in the District going to the Ghana Accra Temple next week.  We took the Caspersons to The Face of Addis (Belvedere Italian Restaurant) for yummy food and a GREAT view of Addis Ababa!

Jon's family was at the Los Angeles Temple Visitor's Center 
Father's Day weekend and look what they found!! 

This is Jeff's Cooper, who just turned 2, wishing 
Grandpa Wold a Happy Father's Day on Skype!

Almost every night after 5:00 pm we have a basketball 
court full of TALL Sudanese guys! Two are members 
of the Meganagna Branch.

These two little girls were having a blast sliding
down this dirt hill outside the Belvedere Italian Restaurant.
They were covered in dirt!

Lunch with Elder and Sister Casperson from Riverton, UT
at the Belvedere Restaurant overlooking Addis
He is 1st counselor to our mission president and they live in Uganda.

Views from the Belvedere Italian Restaurant

If you look straight behind the building with the LG on it,
you can see the Meganagna Chapel with the steeple.

Addis Ababa from the Restaurant ~ The Face of Addis
(It was a little hazy and rainy that day so you can't see the mountains.)

This is the view of the Ethiopia Mission Office where we work
everyday and the basketball court next to it,  from the window 
of our seminary/institute classroom upstairs in the Meganagna Chapel.

Here are some of our seminary boys who attended last Saturday
and one institute student in the orange shirt.  The two on the right
 and the boy 2nd from the left are all from Sudan.

One more photo... this one is from our table at the Belvedere 
Restaurant today (Tuesday, June 24th), when we took President 
Habtu to lunch for his birthday.  He chose the Belvedere. 
Habtu (Esubalew Alemayehu Biru) is our District President
and also our Ethiopia Mission Office Manager.

Our friend, Tariku Addis Zamon (14), holding his
journal with a picture of Jason, who started the
home for 20 boys found alone out on the street,
where Tariku has lived since he was about seven.
He is in his school uniform.  
Tuesday, June 24th was the last day of school! 

This is a common scene on the way home from the office...
wheelbarrows of bananas and oranges for sale.

Another fruit stand on the corner of our neighborhood.

Just inside the entrance to our neighborhood on one side

It always makes me smile seeing guys wearing 
just the hood to a hooded jacket. 

I had to post this photo. This is the FIRST police car we have
ever seen in the whole country of Ethiopia!  It is brand new.
We hear there are seven of them!


  1. I always love to see your pictures and hear of your experiences. And thanks for your fun email! I'll respond soon- Mom and I are sightseeing like crazy and having a fun time. We surprised Kathy at the DC temple- that was fun!

  2. Thanks so much, Linda! No one ever leaves comments on here... : / How FUN that you surprised Kathy at the D.C. Temple! That must have been SO nice for her to see you two!! "Hi" to your mom! (Has she had a chance to see any of our blog? I hope so! I don't think Don and Jean have been on here yet....and they are both on the computer a lot. It doesn't seem like it is that hard to get on....? Maybe it is....) Have fun with your Mom and Brianna!

  3. Fun to see more of what your life is like in Addis! That looks like such a fun restaurant with a Great view! The grounds around the mission office are so pretty! Probably one of the prettiest things we saw while we were there! :-) And how funny that in D Z your seminary kids were mostly girls now you have all those boys! :-) And a cop car? I wonder what they will do!?