Our Mission in Ethiopia

Friday, August 23, 2013

We have enjoyed getting to know these cute boys who live in a group home near
the Mission Office and Megananga Chapel and hang out there a lot.
A young man from the U.S. gathered them off the street and gave them a place
to live... Abdi (left) and Tariku (right) have both been baptized and are deacons
in the Meganagna Branch.  Great boys!!  Preators are in the background walking
from the Ethiopia Mission Office, where Pres. Preator is 1st councilor to our mission
president and Sis. Preator is secretary in the mission office.

These are some scenes as we were driving home from the
mission office today.  People are all along the roadside
selling things everywhere you go.

Some people were selling vegetables under the highway bridge....

This guy selling sponges walked by our car.  Couldn't resist
snapping this one.

Just a quick shot of the traffic in Addis! We were trying to
go straight.... We have seen only two stoplights in Addis
and they are brand new!!  A couple of really big intersections
have had policemen directing traffic but this is what MOST
intersections look like!!! : O 

This poor guy was trying to cross the street above with ALL
those cars and he couldn't see a thing! He's carrying some
kind of flexible wood-type thing.


  1. What an adventure you are having!

  2. Got to love Addis traffic. You will see amazung things!