Our Mission in Ethiopia

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

We went to Debre Zeyit on Monday to look for a home to rent but didn't find anything.... We are heading back there tomorrow (Wednesday) to look again.  Here are some photos from Debre Zeyit where we will be living soon (we hope)!

   This is pretty, green Debre Zeyit taken from the 
car window on our way into the city on Monday.

The NEW Debre Zeyit Chapel

View from the window upstairs
 in the chapel

Most of the side roads are cobblestone. They
cut the stones by hand from big rocks and set
them in a pattern, then pour sand over them.

A cobblestone road being made


  1. Looks like roads are getting better there. They were only dirt when we were there. I am excited that you will live in DZ. Great saints there! Makes me homesick.
    Love, Linda

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