Our Mission in Ethiopia

Saturday, August 10, 2013

We have had a WONDERFUL first five days at the Provo MTC! Here is our district (Meyers going to Tonga, Harwards going to Johannesburg,  Johnsons going to London and us to Uganda) with our afternoon teacher Ana Fiorella Vela from Peru!   Ü Our morning teacher was Josh Sillitoe ("silly toes") from Las Vegas. They were GREAT teachers!  Our group was the largest group of Senior Missionaries EVER at the MTC ~ 128 of us ~ all going out to serve the Lord all over the world!!! Ü

We fly out on Thursday morning and arrive in Uganda Saturday night (9 am  AZ time ~ 46  hours later!!)  We fly to Chicago, then London,  then Johannesburg, South Africa and finally to Kampala, Uganda, where we will stay for 2 weeks, before flying back to Johannesburg and then up to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia!! Whew!!!

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