Our Mission in Ethiopia

Friday, August 23, 2013

I LOVED the tiny shopping carts we saw
in All Mart, the store we shopped at last night.

The cereal names cracked me up! : D

Here we are with our "NEW" rental car.  We pay $150 month.
It's a Toyota Corolla with 140,000 miles on it! Bob has driven
us twice and we are okay so far! The driving here is CRAZY!
(Seven lanes of cars on a two-way highway all trying to get ahead
 of each other with donkeys, sheep and goats sharing the road
as well!!)
This little shop is like a Circle K or AM/PM.   : D  It's across
the street from where we are staying!!  There are
unfinished cement structures ALL OVER Addis.  It takes years
for a building to be finished....

This donkey went right in front of our car! On the right is
a 3-wheeled "baja" or taxi.  They are all over the place!
This is a street in our neighborhood.  Every home has a locked
gate with razor wire on top of the wall surrounding it. Some
have guards out front too!

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