Our Mission in Ethiopia

Monday, November 11, 2013

Elder and Sister Tanner, who are serving in Awassa, Ethiopia drove to Debre Zeyit and spent the night with us and we woke up at 4:00 am and drove to Addis Ababa at 5:00 am headed to Bahir Dar in the northern part of Ethiopia.  Here are some of the photos I took with my phone today.  We saw BEAUTIFUL, interesting scenery ALL the way here ( 9 hours)!!

 This is Addis Ababa from a road
up above the city heading north....
               Another view of Addis
 We saw these tukuls along the road for hours       during our drive to Bahir Dar.

Here is just ONE of lots of different, interesting 
types of houses we saw today!

I LOVED the pretty yellow flowers. There
was field after field of them for a good part
of our drive.  Sister Tanner said they get oil

from them (like sunflower oil).  There were
also LOTS of sunflowers along the roadside.

 This was the only CACTI we saw all day.  We
drove through all different types of landscapes, even
pine trees and lush, green vegetation!

This is a close-up of the cacti overlooking what we 
called the "Grand Canyon" of Ethiopia! It was

This was a COOL bridge just out in the middle of

Another view from the bridge
This was the AWESOME view from on top of
the bridge!! WOW!!

This was also taken looking down from the bridge. 
We got to the TOP of a hill and THREE
trucks were stalled blocking the road!
A 4th truck to the left went in the gravel
in front of us and it STALLED at the top
We were stuck!  He finally got going and
with the Tanners' 4 wheel drive truck
we MADE it!!  Whew!

We passed LOTS of women and girls carrying big
bundles on their backs.  Four girls had these bundles
of sticks and Elder Tanner asked if he could take
their pictures if he paid them.  They didn't want
him to but I snapped this as we drove past.

We stopped halfway there at a hotel in a little town
to look for a restroom and buy some french
fries for lunch.  Elder Tanner asked for ketchup
and said "tomato ketchup"?  This is what they
brought....  Ü Kind of hard to dip fries in sliced

More houses....

In one area people were weaving BIG mats from
long strips of bamboo all along the roadside for

This is a pile of the mats.


  1. What an adventure you are having!

  2. So many fun pictures! Love the ones at the bridge- beautiful! Laughed at your fries and tomatoes.... =)

  3. This country is amazingly beautiful. Hope we get to explore soon.