Our Mission in Ethiopia

Thursday, November 28, 2013

HAPPY THANKSGIVING to our family and friends in America!! 

Yesterday was a FUN day at the Church!  After Seminary, I taught my keyboard lesson and then I taught a sewing class for the Relief Society sisters to learn to use the sewing machine sent from SLC.  We had a GREAT time!  Here is a sample of the bags we made and a few pictures of the ladies.  We were there from 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm!  They also enjoyed the pumpkin bread I brought for refreshments.

Yetmwork was SO excited about the
bag she made! 

We had our Thanksgiving celebration on Monday, November 25th since two of our Debre Zeyit Elders were being transferred the day before Thanksgiving.  No turkeys here but we bought a few VERY skinny chickens!  We DID have turkey gravy that my brother brought and pumpkin for pie, Stove Top, and cranberry sauce thanks to Amy Greer Kroff, who brought it to us last month when they came to adopt a baby here in Ethiopia! 
 (We are not supposed to post photos of the Elders for security reasons, so here is Elder Wold before we sat down to eat!)

Thanksgiving dinner with Abraham and our DZ
threesome ~ Elders Makuku, Self and Voracek

Playing Quirkle and eating pumpkin pie and chocolate cream pie

Here are a few more interesting, fun photos we've taken lately....

These cute kids, riding home from school on a horse-pulled cart,
waved and waved at us with the BIGGEST smiles!! SO cute!!

We can't get over how much donkeys carry!!

Every structure here is built with concrete.  We enjoyed watching
this guy using his artistic talents, chiseling a design on our neighbors'
new wall.

The trucks here also carry unbelievably BIG loads!
We were afraid this was going to fall over on us in
Addis last Saturday!! 

We had just parked our car and sat down at a sidewalk pizza 
place when this guy started doing something to our door handle!
We were a little concerned until the waiter said he was just
covering our windows to keep the sun out.
(Pretty creative way to make 10 birr which is about 50 cents! ) 
We are continuing with our tradition of giving birthday
treats to someone here who is the same age as our 
grandson or granddaughter celebrating their birthday
at home.  Allison turned "16" on Sunday, so we took
a bag of chocolate candies to Salem (16) in our branch.
She shared with Meheret and Gebrella and they all sang
"Happy Birthday" to Allison! 
(How in the WORLD can we have a 16 year old granddaughter!?!?!?)

We LOVE the trash "trucks" here!
Check out their FANCY horse!
They come to our house every Saturday at
7:00 am and knock on our gate. 

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