Our Mission in Ethiopia

Sunday, November 3, 2013

We had a fun Sunday today. We drove to Addis Ababa to attend the Beklobet Branch, the branch we attended the FIRST Sunday we were here (actually about an hour after we arrived in Ethiopia, straight from the airport)!  We wanted to see Elder and Sister Campbell (from Hurricane, UT) and say "good-bye". We loved getting to hear their testimonies on their last Sunday in Ethiopia.  They fly home on Tuesday.

We left after Sacrament Meeting to attend the end of the block in the Meganagna Branch.  We hoped to meet Elder and Sister Moses (from Idaho), the new humanitarian missionary couple, who will take the  Campbells' place, but they were ill and were not at Church.  We DID get to visit with Amy Greer Kroff and her husband at Church in Meganagna though!  They are here from Mesa to adopt a baby girl tomorrow!!  Elder Wold taught Amy in Seminary at Mountain View!  It was SO fun to see them! (They even brought us Stove Top stuffing, a can of pumpkin and a can of cranberry sauce for THANKSGIVING!! Now if we just had a turkey and some candied yams....)  Ü

Sister Campbell is in the red blouse and Elder Campbell is at
the end of the table.  Also at the table are Pres. Habtu, our
Ethiopia District President, Elder and Sister Preator, and Andualem
on Elder Wold's right.  (This was taken just a few days after we
arrived in Ethiopia as we ate at the NEW Sidra Hotel, next to
the Mission Office in Meganagna.)

The Kroffs from Mesa this morning in Addis!

Here are some miscellaneous photos I just realized that I haven't posted yet....

These are our DARLING Seminary students! L to R: Meheret,
her non-member friend, Salem, Rbikah, Gebriela and Tigist.
These girls are AWESOME!!!! Ü 
They are all wearing their 
school uniforms.  Every school has a different color.

This is the minaret of the Muslim Mosque
near our neighborhood.  The loudspeaker
started this morning at 3:00 am and was still
going when we left for Addis at 7:30 am. : /

The sticker bushes are there, so no one will hop 
on the back of the truck to get a ride.

My brother took this CUTE little guy's picture when we
stopped on the bridge over the new highway to Debre Zeyit.
It should be finished in the coming year! Can't wait!!

Coffee is a BIG thing in Ethiopia. Everywhere we go, they
are doing a coffee ceremony ~ hotels, restaurants, shops....
This was right next to the butcher shop where we got our meat.

Rick took this picture of another coffee ceremony.

I just found this cool shot by my brother Rick of Bob
walking down the hallway upstairs in our Chapel in
Debre Zeyit.

We call these shops "Bed, Bath and Beyond".
We bought a blanket for our bed here.

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