Our Mission in Ethiopia

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

We drove from Bahir Dar to Lalibela today (6 hour drive).  We saw MORE beautiful scenery all along the way!!  Here are some more photos....

Elder Tanner asked this family is we could go inside
their home!  Oh my goodness.... not much room for
all of those people....

                                                                                             The view from the restaurant on the hill

Ben Abebe Restaurant was SO COOL!!

Looking at the road down the hill from the restaurant

                               At Ben Abebe Restaurant

I just loved my little buddies in the neighborhood 
by our hotel in Lalibela.


  1. Have you asked why they keep that little tuft of hair in the top of the little kids heads? I was told that they shave their heads to help with lice, but they keep the patch of hair in the front so that "God can lift them into heaven".

    how was at the juice at Ade Abeba?

  2. The owner said she only had watermelon juice ONE day ~ the day YOU were there!! She brought two watermelons on a plane from Addis!! Haha! She said to tell you not to recommend the watermelon juice! Ü We had a MIX-ED with Mango, Avocado and Papaya ~ YUMMY! So was the Shepherd's Pie!!

  3. The country is absolutely breathtaking but I am also struck by how beautiful the children are.

  4. Thank you for those wonderful pictures of the northern part of Ethiopia. we never got to Lalibela only as far as Gonder to do a project there. It was so amazing to see those churches that we had read about in the book, The Sign & the Seal. It is a good history of Ethiopia & the investigation of whether the Ark of the Covenant is really in Ethiopia. It is so fun to see Ethiopia through your eyes & you camera! It brings back so many memories. Linda