Our Mission in Ethiopia

Saturday, October 26, 2013

We just got a few groceries today and I have to post some photos.... We bought oranges,  apples, avocados, tomatoes and cabbage yesterday.  The oranges are GREEN when they are ripe! Some are orangish but the green ones are really sweet and good too!  Apples are more scarce here and more expensive.  We have only seen them at one little market in town.  But they are really crisp and good! There are several kinds of avocados and they are EVERYWHERE!  We have avocado, mango and papaya trees in our yard.

After being here for 2 months, we FINALLY got
brave and stopped at a butcher shop (a little "booth"
on the side of the road).  We bought 2 kilos of
ground beef (which he and the little guy with him
are grinding right in front of us).  Two kilos
is 4.4 lbs. and it cost us about $3 / lb.

This is how we buy our eggs at the
market. (No egg cartons here)! We
bought 8 fresh eggs for  $1.23.

We got ALL of this at a little veggie shop in our
neighborhood. The potatoes and onions were only
7 birr or 38 cents!!  The 2 kilos of bananas and 2
limes were about $1.  We "jix" all the fruits and
vegetables before we eat them.  (Putting them
in a little clorox and water for a few minutes.)   
Our milk comes in little plastic bags that hold
about 2 cups of milk.  So when we open one
we pour it into a plastic container.  It's about
56 cents a bag.

This loaf of YUMMY bread just out of the oven
at Grace Supermarket only cost 8 birr, which is
only 43 cents! 


  1. I just love all these photos and posts!

  2. We'll be seeing you in a few days. Holy Smokes!!!

  3. I miss that hot bread - that was yummy!