Our Mission in Ethiopia

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Here are a few more photos.... We FINALLY got our curtains up after being here for 3 weeks! Yippee! They make such a BIG difference!!  It has been a little freaky having our whole bedroom wall all glass and also the whole front of the living room....even though we are in our own "compound" with a locked gate.  We can actually change our clothes in our BEDROOM now!! Ü

 I am also putting photos on of our birds....   We have pigeons living in our attic and they are SO noisy!!  The pigeons in our neighborhood at home used to drive us nuts and here we are halfway around the world and STILL have to put up with pigeons!  : /  We also have a rooster that sits on the wall outside our kitchen window and crows EARLY in the morning EVERY morning!  There are BEAUTIFUL birds here that I have NEVER seen before!! I have tried to get pictures but have had no luck yet... They are ALL colors and some are VERY tiny.

We saw this mother sheep with her two tiny baby lambs roaming around our neighborhood yesterday and had to get a picture.  They were SO cute!  The sheep here have no wool.  They look like goats!

We have our Debre Zeyit elders over for breakfast once every
transfer.  Here are Elders Allen, Self, Voracek and Makuku eating
waffles for the FIRST time on their mission! 

We also had missionary planning meetings on Sunday night 
once a month and served treats afterwards.

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  1. The curtains are great not so much the pigeons!