Our Mission in Ethiopia

Thursday, October 17, 2013

We had a FUN time with my brother Rick here with us for a few days!  We took him back to Addis yesterday morning, but hope to meet for lunch when he is here visiting a school in Debre Zeyit with an organization he works with called the CHILDREN OF ETHIOPIA EDUCATION FUND.  They have sponsors for over 300 girls here in Ethiopia, allowing them to attend the good private schools.

We have had NO WATER for days!! And after getting hit by a truck on Saturday we really enjoyed having him here with his FUN, upbeat personality!!  He always makes us laugh!!  THANKS RICK!! Ü  Here are a few photos we took.... (We couldn't take any at the police station the 8 hours we were there on Monday!!  We were there because of our getting in the accident Saturday!  What a day!  : / )   So for something FUN on Tuesday, we drove out to Kuriftu Resort for lunch with him.

I was looking into the sun... but we were
SO excited to see Rick come out of
the airport early Sunday AM!!
We went to the Meganagna Branch
for Church right after he flew in.

 I love the tables and chairs at Kuriftu 
so I snapped this.

Even the bathroom sink and mirror are
cool there!

Rick took this awesome picture while we were
eating lunch!
Here is another shot of Rick's, taken just after we had eaten
 our lunch and dessert.

This is the restaurant from the pier
where the kayaks are.

Kayaking is free with lunch so Rick
decided to give it a try! 

We got some photos with Rick's GREAT camera
but I don't have those, so these were all taken
with my phone... This came out too dark but we 

had to post one of him in his kayak!

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