Our Mission in Ethiopia

Thursday, October 24, 2013

My brother Rick is flying home tonight...  He sent me some photos he took so I thought I would put a few on here....  We sure LOVED getting to see him for a few days!!

At Kuriftu taking pictures while Rick kayaked

This is one of our 10 "jerry cans" we had to use when we
had NO water for about 10 days! (We got water for 3 days
and now it's gone again! : /

Relaxing with Rick at lunch at Babagaya with a guava, mango, avocado mixed drink

We LOVE being missionary companions!

We met Rick's friend Genet Guno Hussen, who is getting
ready to serve a mission in Ghana next month!

Our 3 year old buddy in the Meganagna Branch

Aren't the children in Ethiopia BEAUTIFUL!!?

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  1. Your brother takes great pictures! Thanks for sharing.