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Saturday, October 12, 2013

Well, we are thankful we're okay tonight!  What a HARD day we've had!! : /  We were starting to turn left to make a U-Turn on the main road in Debre Zeyit today and a HUGE truck tried to pass us on the left!! CRASH!!! It was pretty scary!!  We were on our way to help with a YM/YW Conference.... We are fine but it was quite an experience spending hours at a police station! (We DID get to take a break, ride in a baja taxi and go to the Church so Elder Wold could speak and we could do our game and grab a bite of lunch! There are great youth in our Debre Zeyit Branch!)

Thanks to Tenkir and Abraham for all of their help, to Meheret, Tigiste and Yetmwork for their concern and for a great YM/YW Activity, to the Debre Zeyit Elders for taking our Institute class for us,  to  Addis, Andualem and Efrem for their help at our house, for Habtu for dropping everything to come to our aid and for driving us to Addis tonight and for ALL he does for us, to the Preators for letting us use their car tomorrow and to the Campbells for their words of encouragement!!

My little brother, Rick Egan, is flying here right now! He will arrive EARLY in the morning.  We are SO excited to have him come! (We need his humor right now!) : O

Us riding in the crazy little Baja taxi.... still trying to
SMILE....... Just THANKFUL to be okay!!

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  1. By the way... Elder Wold was found to be at fault because there is a "law" here that if you are turning and a speeding truck is behind you, you have to "give way" to the truck and keep going straight and not turn! (WHAT!?!?!) Never mind that the truck was SPEEDING (you should have seen the skid marks!!) and passed us on the LEFT as we signaled and started to turn left!!!! : O We have to go to court next week and will be fined 2,000 birr!!! : (