Our Mission in Ethiopia

Friday, October 18, 2013

Today has been a FUN day!  We had a Relief Society Activity and I got to know the sisters in our Debre Zeyit branch better.  They are SO sweet! They made a yummy lunch ~ enjera served with a mixture of onions, tomatoes, rice, ground beef and seasonings. They also had a yummy, BIG, round, thick loaf of bread called dufo dabo, cut in big chunks to eat with it.  I forgot to take a picture but we did get some pictures of the sisters as they were preparing the food.

After that, we drove to meet my brother, Rick, who was in Debre Zeyit today with sponsors from the Children of Ethiopia Education Fund that he is associated with.  They visited the Beza School, then we met them for lunch at Babagaya Resort on Lake Babagaya, one of the seven lakes around Debre Zeyit,  after Bob was finished teaching Seminary and I was finished with the RS Activity.  (I was asked to teach Relief Society on Sunday.)  Ü

This is Yeshi, Birhane and Yugallem.

Wenishat and I

Sweet Sister Meaza from Kenya
We are SO happy my brother Rick came to Ethiopia while we are here!
Rick's Vegetarian Stir Fry with
Chinese Noodles
Grilled Fish
Lake Babagaya
L-R: Mr. Fitsum Gidday, director of COEEF in Ethiopia,
Evan and his Mom, Lisa (sponsor), Rick, Bob and I, and
their driver Milea 

Relief Society Sisters in the Debre Zeyit Branch
Left to Right: Marta and baby boy Amin, Birhane (former RS Pres.), Yeshi,
Hiwot (new RS Pres.), Wenishat, Me, Yugallem and in front, Sister Meaza
(I guessed at some of the spellings!?  
I can't figure out WHY this picture 
ended up down here when it was the FIRST one I put on here!?)

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