Our Mission in Ethiopia

Sunday, September 7, 2014

I forgot to put a picture on here of Euale in our Debre Zeyit Branch, with our grandson Brigham's birthday treat.  Brigham turned 13 on September 5th! Euale is 13 too.

We had only one set of elders in Debre Zeyit for one transfer (6 weeks).
We had a great time getting to know Elder Workman and Elder Bingham.
We treated them to lunch at Kuriftu Resort for meeting their teaching goals!

What a FUN, BUSY day this has been!  We had a great fast and testimony meeting in Debre Zeyit and I played the organ (keyboard) for Sacrament Meeting, Relief Society and a baptism (as usual).  I also taught Relief Society on temple work and family history and Bob taught Gospel Doctrine in Sunday School.  After the baptism, we were invited to Birhane's home for lunch to celebrate her new baby granddaughter's baptism in the Orthodox Church.  (Salem's sister is not LDS.)  I took a lot of pictures of their family.  We stayed there about 1 1/2 hours, then were invited to Efrem and Yetim's daughter, Edelawit's 4th birthday celebration!  So we were there for another 2 hours, having cake, cookies, and other treats....  Here are some of the photos I took.

                                    Baby Sina's baptism celebration

This is Sina (like Mount Sinai), who was baptized
in the Ethiopian Orthodox Church this morning.
She is 3 months old.  Her mother is in the picture below.
(Birhane's daughter and Salem's sister)

Josias, Sina's brother and cousin Bitaniya

Sedona, Bitaniya, Josias and a little neighbor friend
kept peeking around the curtain where they were
supposed to be staying in the other room....

I told them to come in so I could take a picture
of them.   Such BEAUTIFUL children!

Josias and Sedona

Birhane's three daughters and grandkids

Grandma Birhane is on the right.
Salem's fiance' Ashenafi is next to Birhane.

Salem's sister Mekdes, mother of Bitaniya and Sedona

Edelawit's 4th Birthday Party....

Meheret ("Tutu") had a birthday recently
too.  She was at the party in a new top
with matching earrings. 

Tutu's sister, Marta and her baby Amen came to the party.
Her husband, Tesfaye was there too, "dancing" to the music.

Cute Edelawit, the birthday girl, danced
to the "Melkam Ledet" ("Happy Birthday")
music with Nabyat, who is also in our branch.

Wongelawit, her little sister (2 1/2)
and their friend, Amen (1) all in traditional
Ethiopian dress

They had LOTS of food to eat!
Birthday bread (dabo) is the traditional Ethiopian
birthday "cake"...

But Efrem got a cake made for her too!

Nabyat, Grant, Euale and Kaleab in our branch were also 
invited to the birthday party.

Cute Ede with Elder Workman

She clapped and clapped!  She was SO
excited to blow out her candles!

Amen liked the candles too!

Ready....set.... BLOW!

She and Wongie LOVED that cake!!!

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  1. Such cutie pictures! It's so fun to see all that you are doing and all the people there. Love you!