Our Mission in Ethiopia

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Last Wednesday, we had a Relief Society activity.  I was asked to teach the sisters how to make banana bread and zucchini bread.  I didn't get any pictures of me teaching the class, but here are some I took after, as we were preparing and eating a lunch of injera and shiro wat.  I LOVE my Debre Zeyit Relief Society sisters!  (A few more came after I took these photos...)

You roll it up and cut it into thirds and it is used 
to pick up and eat your food with your fingers. 

Check out those knives!! We cut SO many onions
and cloves of garlic!  They were cooked and ground beef 
and spices (burberry and wat spice) were added.

Marta's Amen dancing on the table

Sister Meaza from Kenya






Marta and Amen


It's a sign of friendship to share your injera 
with someone....

Yirgellem's Kaleab was there to eat 
and play with Amen too.

The senior girls were across the street registering
for high school for this year and they stopped by.
This is Salem, with her friend, Rebkah.

We celebrated Tutu's 18th birthday on Friday
after Seminary with a chocolate cake!

We ordered our Youth and YSA Conference banner at a little shop across the street from the 
chapel on Thursday and picked it up on Friday!  It only cost $21 !! 
Besufikad and Elder Wold are holding it up.  Our conference is in just 3 weeks!! 

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