Our Mission in Ethiopia

Sunday, September 28, 2014

We had a FUN week with our Jamie!  It was sad to see her off at the airport last night.... We are SO glad she was able to come and visit us here!  Here are some more photos...

Sunday morning at our Debre Zeyit chapel

Jamie with our Young Women in the Debre Zeyit Branch
on Sunday after church

We met Hope Arising Sunday afternoon as they drove 
through Debre Zeyit and got the t-shirts and put names on
them and organized them by branches.

Lunch Monday at the Liesak Resort in Debre Zeyit
on Lake Babagoya, where Jamie had her first Ethiopian
traditional meal of injera and wat.

Lake Babagoya

Shopping with Jamie on Monday

Playing games with the YSAs in Debre Zeyit after the 
Family Home Evening lesson Monday night

Jamie with our Young Single Adults after FHE Monday night

Leaving to go to Awassa...

Some shops in Modjo on the way to Awassa

Beautiful scenery on the way to Awassa Tuesday

We stopped for lunch at Sabana on our drive to Awassa and saw
the giant tortoises by the restaurant.

Behind the restaurant at Sabana

Some common sights on the road to Awassa

Lake Awassa Tuesday night

A monkey waiting to grab some of our breakfast....

A baboon at the Lewi

We took a boat ride on Lake Awassa

Jamie took these photos of us....

Bird Island

A stork and fisherman at the fish market on Lake Awassa

The fish market
(That thing on my head is actually part of the roof of
the shop behind me.  Haha!)

The sign outside of our Awassa Chapel

We found a project needing to be done and 
organized the Awassa Branch library.

Two little kids in the branch came and helped
us put the books away.

We did it! 

An Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Awassa

Photos of the sights on the way home from 
Awassa to Debre Zeyit....

Selling potatoes in a village

A vegetable market

A truck coming towards us in our lane 
(A very common thing here!)

Jamie buying a little stool to take home. 
They are carved from a cactus.

Beautiful Ethiopia

Home at last but "NO LIGHT" ~ also
very common in Debre Zeyit!

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