Our Mission in Ethiopia

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Sunday was a special day for Meheret Ayele!  She received her Young Womanhood 
Medallion!  She was almost finished and lost her book and started over again.  Last
May she decided to give up and Elder Wold said that Pres. Monson gave a talk "Finishers
Wanted" and that she needed to be a "finisher" not a quitter....  When we came back to
the Debre Zeyit Branch, she had finished and was SO proud.  She gave credit to Elder Wold.

Monday, we had to drive to Addis Ababa for a meeting and were SO excited to get to
drive on the NEW Expressway!!  It JUST opened on Sunday!  It was only for about 10 minutes,
but cut out a LOT of the bad road between here and there.  Sometime it will be ALL completed
and go all the way to Addis Ababa!!  It was a BEAUTIFUL 10 minute drive on a NICE NEW road
before we got off and had to take the old road the rest of the way....

Just getting on the expressway...

Three wide lanes going both directions

The toll was only 10 birr (50 cents).

It was a beautiful day with GORGEOUS scenery all the way!

Home again!  It dropped us off just outside of Debre Zeyit!
(It goes all the way to Nazaret, which is usually an hour drive.
We plan to drive there with Jamie and see how long it will take us!)

Monday was also a SAD day for me.... Our home in Provo at 818 N. 380 W.
is no longer there!! Rick sent this LAST photo last month when we heard the whole
neighborhood was being torn down for the hospital's expansion!!  Bob sent the
photo below.... It made me CRY! I lived in that home for 21 years and our parents
lived there for about 46 years. This is all that is left.... 


  1. I felt three different emotions as I read this post. First, happy for the young woman with her Young Womanhood Medallion. How sweet that she heeded Elder Wold's counsel, and I could imagine her always remembering that great missionary couple who encouraged her to accomplish that goal. =) Then I had to smile at your excitement about the road- isn't it amazing what you appreciate when you go without it for awhile! Smooth new roads- yay!! And then I felt sad all over again seeing the before and after pictures of your home. It was bad enough when your school was torn down. And is the Park Ward chapel gone too?? Can't remember seeing it over there. So sorry about all of that, and so grateful for our happy memories!

  2. Meheret is an inspiring example of not giving up. If you have more details of the story, please email me so that we can write a story for the Africa SE website about it. collette@burgoyne.co.za I would appreciate it. Thank you. Collette