Our Mission in Ethiopia

Friday, December 12, 2014

For Elder Bingham's last lunch here, Birhanu took us to the Hagemaf Recreation Center  near our home here in Debre Zeyit.  We have seen the sign from the main road but had no idea what it was.  It is in the middle of LOTS of different kinds of trees and has been fixed up quite nice.  We had pizza and it was pretty good!  We were SO surprised to see acres of land with a place to eat, places to stroll, etc… that we had no idea were right there off the road!

This is a waterfall behind the table where we ate.

This is a little playground for kids to play on in Hagemaf.
They also have a petting zoo with bunnies in one pen, chickens
and roosters in another and a monkey in the third one!

I took three photos yesterday of very common sights here in Ethiopia….

Cats wander around our table at nearly EVERY restaurant
we ever go to.  This one had such interesting markings!?

People carry enjera on big trays on their heads all the time
walking down the street!  Our next door neighbor makes
it every night to sell the next morning.

There are fires burning constantly.  That is how people get rid
of trash and clippings from trees, etc… This is our car and the
smell of smoke was SO strong, I got out of the car as Bob shut
the gate, and took this picture.  The girl is burning trash from the
construction of the new home being built at the end of our street.

When Elder Bingham left, Elder Workman got
a new companion, Elder Napier from Sandy, UT

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