Our Mission in Ethiopia

Sunday, December 28, 2014

We celebrated Christmas Day on Monday, Dec. 22nd, our elders' P-day.  That was the instruction from our mission president.    We also had them over for a quick waffle breakfast on Christmas morning to welcome Elder Napier, as we do each transfer for our new elder.

I found this picture of an African Christmas tree made with bananas.

Our Christmas corner with nativities from Ethiopia,
Uganda and Rwanda 

Christmas dinner with our elders 

I FORGOT to take pictures when the elders opened their presents,
etc… but here they are watching THE LEGO MOVIE after
Christmas dinner on P-day (Dec. 22).

Breakfast Christmas morning before we started our regular
missionary work that day.  The elders LOVE to take "selfless"
with my iPad!! : /

A common sight…. Elder Wold sharing great things he finds
online with the elders in our office….

On Tuesday, Dec. 23rd, our Seminary girls (M-F class)
had a surprise birthday party for me before class!

That night, Awetash, the elders' landlady, had us all over
for dinner at her house for Christmas.

The cake cracked us up!

Dinner with Awetash

At about 4:00 a.m. Christmas morning a big bus 
and a "red terror" truck hit head-on and 6 people were killed!
It happened right in front of the driveway to our church. 

The high school students at lunchtime in front of the church,
taken from our upstairs window.

Our cute elders gave us a gift (from Santa they said)
on Dec. 26th with things from their OWN Christmas packages! 

On Friday, Dec. 26th, Belaynesh showed me how 
to make enjera at her home.

My first one had a few holes….

But my second one came our pretty good!

The enjera oven

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