Our Mission in Ethiopia

Sunday, December 28, 2014

On Sunday, Dec. 28th,  we had Ashebir's family over for dinner, since they treated us and Jon and Emily to a special meal the Sunday they were here visiting us.  Cute Nebyat (4) and Grant (10) loved the "smashed potatoes" and chicken gravy and the strawberry/ banana jello!

After dinner, we went to a birthday party for 
Wongelawit Efrem who turned 3.

Wongie in her birthday mask...

and after she took it off.

Edelawit, Nebyat and Wongelawit

Three buddies ~ Euale and twins,  Feraol and Naol

Efrem with his birthday girl

The birthday cake and goodies

Melkam Ledet Wongelawit Efrem
(When the candle flower was lit, it opened up!)

Friends at the party


  1. I'm so glad you had Ashebir's family over for dinner! I'm sure the jello was very different for them. That's so nice the seminary girls gave you a birthday party. Have a happy Ethiopian Christmas on Jan 7!!!

  2. Emily ~ did you notice that the kids at the birthday party all were playing with some of the little toys you brought!? (Candy necklaces, balls, whistles, etc…) They LOVED them!! We have had fun with all of that stuff and I have all 12 of the stockings stuffed for the Primary kids on Sunday after our final Primary Program practice. THANK YOU AGAIN!! Ü