Our Mission in Ethiopia

Sunday, December 21, 2014

On Thursday, we drove two more hours to see the tree-climbing lions….

We saw baboons….

more kob….

and MORE job...

There we were out in the middle of nowhere going to
a game drive…. and there is a Coke Zero truck in 
front of us!?!

The scenery was GORGEOUS!!


One of MANY thorny acacia trees

Our guides for the tree-climbing lions
We had four hardbody trucks and a van 
transporting us.

The Elders ~ Moses, Liebel, Wold, Hannan, Squire, Wallace, 
Johnson, Chabra, Palmer, Eklund, Story and Hansen with our guides

Bad photo of us but behind us across the creek
is the DR Congo!!

The Sisters ~ Squire, Moses, Chatfield, Wold, Chabra, Hannan, Wallace, 
Story, Palmer, Johnson, Eklund and Hansen

Tree-climbing lions

Three lions in one tree!

We got the following photos from Elder Wallace, who had a SUPER
good camera and got some GREAT close-up shots!!

This is "George" the elephant.  He came RIGHT UP 
to the cabins where we were staying and was shaking
the trees in the parking lot!!

At our Christmas Party at Mweya the last night, we did a live nativity and sang Christmas carols
together with ALL the senior couples.  It was AWESOME!!  There was a VERY special spirit 
in the room and all the employees came in to listen to us.  Many had tears and so did I!

More baboons

One night at dinner at the lodge,
these mongoose were all around our tables!

On our way out of the park, this elephant was right
by the road, eating something…. We drove up behind
him and didn't think he saw us, but he turned around
suddenly and started toward MY open window!! 
( I got it on video!!)

On the way back to Kampala, we crossed over
the equator!  Had to get a picture!


We got home and went to the mission home for dinner and
watched the mission DVD for 2014.

On Saturday, for our anniversary lunch, the Hannans
took us to KFC in Kampala.  YUM!!  It was the 
BEST chicken we've had in 16 1/2 months!

The friendly girls who waited on us

Two sisters eating next to us

A life-size dancing, sax playing Santa was in the mall

Also a real LIVE Santa…. but what's wrong
with his beard!?

After our photo with Santa and the Hannans, Sis. Hannan
showed him how the beard is really supposed to be! Haha!

We picked up the Johnsons at the mission office
Here is Sis. Chatfield at her desk….

Good-bye Kampala for the last time…..

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