Our Mission in Ethiopia

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Here are more photos from the branch activity on Saturday, January 17th, and also from Tigist's 20th birthday celebration on Sunday, 18th, and the beginning of TIMKAT late that afternoon on our way home.

Fasika (Primary Pres. on my left) and Marta (Primary Couselor)
with Tutu and Tigist, Marta's sisters and Amen, her little boy


Tesfaye, Bob's good buddy and Marta's husband

The kind of dress that Ethiopian women
wear around the house 
(A gift from the Relief Society)

Bob's shoes that go with his traditional outfit,
a gift from the branch

My "netela" (traditional scarf) that the
Relief Society gave me along with pretty blue
earrings, necklace, ring, and bracelet!
(A "selfie" with my iPad)

"Cookies" for dessert at Tigist's party ~ deep-fried with green 
cabbage, carrots and onions inside

Tigist and her dad Ayele, the first member in 
Debre Zeyit, first Branch President and first
District President.

Ayele and his wife, Belaynesh with their grandson

Tutu, Tigist and Salem with Euale

The girls instructing me on how to wear my 
new netela….

Tigist's brother gave them a sheep after Christmas
so it was tied to the front porch.

American birthday cake and Ethiopian birthday dabo


Elder Wold making sure the gorilla was 
in on the celebration….

Tigist and her friends

Blowing out all 20 candles!

Showing us some Ethiopian traditional dancing….

On the way home to our house, we got to our street JUST in time
to take some video of the procession for TIMKAT with hundreds
of other people!

Every town you see has flags up across the streets 
for Timkat this week

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