Our Mission in Ethiopia

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Today was Ethiopia's Christmas Day!!  We were invited over to celebrate with Ayele's family and also Efrem's family along with our four elders.  We ate a LOT!!  Here are some photos…

Ayele, Belaynesh and Euale

Their Christmas tree

Tutu with Dawit's baby boy

Making popcorn to go with the hot milk

Playing UNO

The FIVE crazy Elders in Debre Zeyit!!

After Ayele's home, we all went to  Efrem's too!

Dinner at Efrem's & Yetim's

Yetim and Edelawit

Their Christmas tree


  1. Well, Merry Christmas in Ethiopia!! My life's been so crazy, hectic lately, that I just now got all caught up reading your fun blog! I think the last time I commented was clear back when Jamie was there and you had the conference of a lifetime for the good YSAs there. I haven't been able to keep track of your travels and where you're serving….I just remember seeing a lot of Abbis, Debrit, Kampala…and fun places you've visited with your kids. What amazing pictures and experiences, and I'm sure you have mixed feelings about it quickly coming to an end! They will hate to see you go, and I'm sure you'll shed a lot of tears. I think I'd pack that little Wongie in my suitcase and take her home- what a doll! Enjoy these last few weeks!!

  2. Isn't Wongie a doll!?! I will miss these kids SOOOO much!!!! : ( We have lived in Debre Zeyit for most of our mission with the exception of being in Addis for our first two months until we found a house here and also for 3 months when we were asked to fill in as the office couple in Addis last summer…. 13 months in the Debre Zeyit branch that we LOVE!!!!! Ü Kampala is in Uganda where we have gone twice in December for mission couples conferences and once last April for a CES conference. Thanks for being such a GREAT follower!!! I have LOVED your comments!!! Ü

  3. P.S. We leave a week from tomorrow!!!! (January 27th)